A fresh approach to waste recycling in Hertfordshire

We process recycling to the highest standard to maximise resource recovery whilst offering cost effective treatment.

What we do for you

We take your recycled material in the form of comingled or source-segregated waste for disposal and treatment, processing it in the most sustainable and environmentally practical way.

How the process works
Why use Wylie Environmental?

Cost-effective disposal. Conveniently located.

It makes real business sense for London-based, Hertfordshire and Home Counties waste management and local authority collectors to use Wylie Environmental. Not only is our recycling facility well-situated, we endeavour to support our clients meet their commercial and environmental targets.

Economic Advantages

There are economic advantages to using our service. Our innovative approach enables our business to offer lower costs for treatment and also provides competitive rebates per tonne for source segregated recycling.

Convenient Location

Based at Radlett, Hertfordshire, we offer a well-situated site for regional businesses. A closer disposal point means reduced transport costs – an important saving that can impact positively on your bottom line.
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Brand Values

Our difference is enshrined in our three core attributes


Quality is the expression of our goal to process recyclate to the highest quality to maximise resource recovery and contribute to the circular economy.


We manage our operation to fully comply with all aspects of legislation.


Wylie Environmental’s primary focus is the safety of our employees and partners. We also give high priority to our environmental responsibilities in maximising recycling, contributing to the circular economy and preserving resources.

About Us

Real industry experience that we pass on to our clients

Adam and Jonathan Wylie have come to share a formidable understanding of the recycling industry and the environmental sector with a combined experience of 20 years. This understanding – and demonstrated proactive competence – has translated into impressive results in their respective careers.

Both previously worked at the resource management company Veolia. Jonathan as Senior Development Manager, and Adam as Business Area Manager. Between them they’ve managed sizable budgets and projects delivering significant profits and growth through turning waste into a resource. Andrew Wylie is the company’s Non-Executive Chairman, he brings a wealth of experience as a former Managing Director of a global logistics company.

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Our Vision

We aim to maximise the benefits to the businesses we work with – as well as to the environment.

As a green product and resource producer, we go beyond the traditional model of waste disposal service. The business world’s current approach to managing resources is becoming unsustainable, with its dependence on large amounts of cheap materials and energy. What is becoming increasingly clear is that there are real advantages to developing more sustainable alternatives.

Sustainable & Economically Viable

The Wylie Environmental business model embraces the concept of the circular economy.

"The circular economy is a continuous positive development cycle that preserves and enhances natural capital, optimises resource yields, and minimises system risks by managing finite stocks and renewable flows."

- The Ellen MacArthur Foundation

How it works for us
Our Goal

Business-benefiting, and environmentally friendly.

At Wylie Environmental, our goal to is to process recyclate to the highest quality to maximise resource recovery and contribute to the circular economy.

Our Process

We perform a strict quality management process to ensure high quality and recyclability of all waste materials we receive.

The Circular Economy

What is a circular economy?

In the traditional economy resources are manufactured, consumed and disposed of in a finite process. In the circular economy, products, components and materials are kept in use for as long as possible. When they are no longer useful their raw materials are reclaimed and then remanufactured and reused – as the cycle begins again. This is an economic model that saves resources and money.

Wylie Environmental supports this cyclical process by offering a recycling recovery service that extracts recycling resource that can be linked back into the manufacturing process, as opposed to the use of raw/virgin materials - preserving resources and helping the environment.

Our responsibility
The Benefits to UK Business

The waste management industry is playing a vital role in the development of the circular economy.

The transition away from the linear model of truck and tip to landfill is well under way. We now favour a resource management approach where the industry acts as a provider of raw materials and energy to the rest of the economy.

a year is available to UK organisations through low or no cost actions to manage resources more efficiently.

of these potential benefits will be gained by using raw materials more efficiently and minimising waste.

According to the IEMA (Institute of Environmental Management & Assessment), nearly two thirds of SMEs, employing skilled Environment & Sustainability professionals, are already saving over £5000 a year.*

*Sustainable Resource Management Business Briefing, 2015


We undertake a strict quality management process to ensure the highest standards of recyclability.

We provide the best available solutions, while always making sure that not only are we fully compliant with all relevant legislation, but that our clients are compliant too. Everything we do conforms to the highest standards for the environment, health and safety, and ethical and responsible business practice.

Best Practice for Best Results

Our facility is operated to the highest standards.

That means adhering to accepted industry codes of best practice and creating a positive health and safety culture through visible leadership, employee engagement and that we continually learn from experience.



We are signed up to the MRF (Materials Recovery Facility) Code of Practice.

Environmental Permit

We have obtained the Environmental Permit to operate the recycling facility authorised by the Environmental Agency.


We’re always glad to talk to people about the Wylie Environmental operation and the positive difference we can make to the treatment of your recycling.

Contact us by phone on: 01923 857 900
Or email us at: info@wylieenvironmental.com

The sites geographical location benefits from close proximity to both the M25
(2.4 miles from Junction 22) and the M1 (2.4 miles Junction 6).

Wylie Environmental,
Unit D, Ventura Park,
Old Parkbury Lane,
Radlett, AL2 2DB

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